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Red Squirrels are a special breed of software engineer

Bolstered by our pioneering work in immersive learning experiences, we are as good at developing software developers as we are at developing software. Red Squirrels have authored books ranging from how to be an effective apprentice to how to develop on the blockchain. We have deep experience in Ruby, Python, and JavaScript, including most popular frameworks.

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Red Squirrels are distributed across the US, Europe, and Africa, with skill levels ranging from industry veterans to apprentices. Our distributed learning culture allows us to provide world-class talent at competitive rates. Red Squirrels are incredibly versatile, capable of delivering complex projects, providing technical leadership, and/or bolstering your existing teams. Learn more!


Coding bootcamps and other technical education institutions around the world rely on Red Squirrel's deep understanding of how to develop software developers. Whether you're looking to improve your graduation rate, your employment rate, your curriculum, or create a new immersive learning program, our education consultants are ready to leverage our vast expertise. Learn more!

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