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Context: You learn the same lesssons again and again. They never seem to stick. You often find yourself solving some problem such as setting up CruiseControl, or modelling hierarchies in SQL or introducing patterns to a team where you remember doing something very similar in the past but the exact details escape you.

Problem: Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Solution: Keep a record of your journey in a journal, personal wiki, or blog.

Using a blog to record the lessons you've learned has the side-benefit of helping you meet Kindred Spirits. Whilst a wiki that has accidental linking has the advantage that you can easily see the links between your experiences.

Ade uses 2 instances of the same wiki so that he can put private thoughts in one and the thoughts he feels comfortable sharing with the world in the other. Keeping a private record as well as a public record means that you get the best of both worlds. Your public record becomes a means of sharing the lessons you have learned and gaining feedback from a wider community whilst the private record helps you develop your ability to be painfully honest with yourself about the progress you are making. Having both internal and external feedback loops puts you into a position where you can have increased confidence that you are maintaining an Accurate Self Assessment.

Your choice of record-keeping tool can also be an important Breakable Toy.

Related: This is similar to Share What You Learn but there the emphasis was on preparing to become a journeyman by improving your ability to communicate with honesty and humility. Here the emphasis is on preserving the route you took to mastery so that in future you can extract new lessons from it.

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