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Mon, 26 Mar 2007

Gareth Reeves joins Obtiva

Kevin introduced me to Gareth Reeves almost a year ago, and Gareth and I quickly hit it off as we carpooled to the first annual RailsConf. I was excited to meet Gareth because I remember reading some of his papers on XP back when I couldn't get enough of the XP kool-aid. Ever since then we've been working on getting Gareth into Obtiva and I'm thrilled to announce that we finally have him!

Gareth has been involved with XP from the early days, and was mentored by none other than Kent Beck. He brings a mountain of agile and Java and (more recently) Ruby experience with him and we're excited to see where his expertise takes us. Gareth's first gig will be joining Ryan for a Rails coaching gig at a nearby hedge fund.

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Wed, 21 Mar 2007

Homesteading and Inshoring in Wheaton

I'm excited to announce that my primary goal for 2007 will come to fruition next month. Since we opened our Wheaton office in December, I've been splitting time between working on-site at one of our main local clients and leading our Rails projects out of the office. Obtiva just landed a project (yet another coastal gig) that will allow me to work full-time out of our Wheaton office building our Rails practice and further establishing our Craftsmanship Studio. Life is very good.

While the project itself is interesting in its own right, one aspect that greatly excites me is that Jeff Patton, agile product design pundit, is heavily involved. I am excited to collaborate with Jeff and experience his approach to agile software development on an ambitious Rails project like this one.

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Thu, 15 Mar 2007

TextMate is my friend

I got a little thrill just now when I wanted to have a look at some changes I've made in one of our Rails projects and it occurred to me that I love TextMate's diff view. I hadn't tried this before so I typed it in and crossed my fingers...
svn diff config/* | mate
Which (and I shouldn't be surprised by this) instantly popped up exactly what I wanted:

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Fri, 09 Mar 2007

Tyler's first course

I was in and out of Obtiva's office in Wheaton all week, so I was able to eavesdrop on Tyler's first attempt at instructing our Rails TDD Boot Camp. It has been humbling to watch Tyler pick up the course that I helped develop last year, make it RESTful and 1.2-friendly, and then deliver it with confidence. Unlike me, who was always on the edge of collapse after day 4 of the course, Tyler was itching for more. I believe this officially confirms that Tyler is an extrovert. You can read his latest blog post for his reflections on the experience.

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Fri, 02 Mar 2007

Ideas for Teaching Kids to Program

Victoria is looking for feedback on her ideas for how to introduce programming to children. If you have experience or opinions on this, post it here.

BTW, the child Victoria is going to be mentoring is Rose, my oldest daughter. They'll be meeting for the first time next Thursday afternoon. Pretty cool, huh?

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