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Thu, 27 Oct 2005

On Becoming a Master

Amit blogs about attaining mastery:
"...what many people claim is master-level of competence, is really not quite the truth. If someone who is supposed to be a master programmer doesn't understand computer science internals, then he or she is really not all that masterful."
For all of us non-CS-majors out there, I think this is good food for thought. We should not forget to dig deep where approrpriate.

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Wed, 19 Oct 2005

Lightweight Visual Thesaurus

Update: I decided to give the Lightweight Visual Thesaurus its own website and a slight makeover. Download Firefox 1.5 and visit to see the latest.

My book writing and blogging have been neglected during the last few weeks. I picked up the golden hammer called Ajax and I've been hunting for golden nails. A few weeks ago I decided that it should be possible to clone the Visual Thesaurus using Ajax, the <canvas> element in Firefox 1.5+ and a server-side call to a WordNet database.

Here is my proof of concept. I'm not proud of any of the code involved, and I'm disappointed that I couldn't get the words to show up yet (resorting to mouseover for now), but I am excited by what <canvas> and Ajax can accomplish together.

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Mon, 10 Oct 2005

Marathons and Software, re-posted

For most of this year I've been running a few mornings a week with my good friends Cheech Moore and Jeff Pringle. Yesterday Cheech and I ran the Chicago Marathon. It was an amazing experience, mostly because Chicago is such an awesome city. Surrounded by 40,000 runners and a neverending throng of cheering spectators, the adrenaline rush was incredible.

Two years ago I wrote a short piece comparing marathon running to software development. I figured I'd re-post it in order to keep this blog entry somewhat on-topic.

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